See below for the APS Deluxe Version.

"Auto Profit Soccer"

Love Football Betting?

But Don't Have The Time

This is PERFECT for YOU..

What is Auto Profit Soccer?

A software that allows 10 games to be bet on automatically, and show a PROFIT.

Michael Makes 150 points in 18 Days only using 5 Tabs... more further down the page.

Stephen Makes £823.00 in his first 20 Days!!

As at 20th June, Stephen is up to £1,600.00

See more below. (He make £300.00 when he was on the beach in Tenerife.)

New Strategy.. Both Teams To Score



Unlike horseracing, a soccer game takes around 110 minutes to complete.

So if you are looking at a staking system to run from one game to the next,

it is impossible to do by manually watching results and placing the next bet.

And if you could spare the time, the return for effort would be miniminal.

Welcome to APS (Auto Profit Soccer),

sidenote we use the world soccer, so not to be confused with football (NFL, ARL, Rugby, etc) in other countries.


Watch What This Software Can Do...Limited by your Imagination (Well almost)

But we are pretty damn EXCITED>>>>

January 2016 Upgrades:



The new upgrades has made for even more strategies.

Stephen J shows how his Mexican Wave Strategy Netted him £1046.00 in six weeks,

starting with £1.00 Staking.

Stephen is always looking for angles to bet with our auto betting software.

£1,000.00 in 6 weeks (no skill required.)

24th April to 3rd June 2016

He sent use these snapshots of his APS summary and settings to share.

The returns.

Stephen started backing the draws with a £1.00 stake, using the mexican wave option (all ten tabs), then increased the staking as the bank increased.

His email to us:


Here are the settings. All you need to do is plug these into your APS Software, remember start small!!

Update: £250.00 in the week 4th to 11th June, 2016



Here is the losing sequence breakdown.

27.59% Strike Rate.

£1525.00 Profit from 982 Bets.

Thanks Stephen, for sharing.

Our Main Man in Romania, is happy.

From 21st July to 18th Sept, 2017

Banks 289 Euros

He started out with odds of 1.30 to 1.60 Laying the Fav,

From 21-7 to 2-8-2017 made 64.53 Euros.

From 3rd August to 18th Sept 2017 Odds were changed to 1.4 to 1.80 made 224.57 Euros.

Nice 289.10 in total on just Lay the Fav team.


Andy shows that it can be copied see is email below.

( Feedback received on 23 Oct 2016)

Here is a follow up from Andy.


APS is a software that working using the Betfair API, so it covers all soccer matches that they cover, and it bets them as if they match the criteria you have loaded into it.

So once you have set it up, it runs without intervention for you.

Monitoring the matches, placing bets, and adjusting the stakes to make the profit, either from the match or series of matches if results go against you.

The options on how you set the software (bot) up will vary from individual to individual, we have had a great success using the Backing the Favourite to win at odds between 1.60 and 2.50 (hard to get a favourite over 2.50). In the Match odds market.

This is only one way to use the software, with options to back or lay selections. And with different markets also to bet on;


  • Match Odds
    Over .5
    Over 1.5
    Over 2.5
    Over 3.5
    Both Teams To Score
  • Correct Score (Added 8th January, 2016)

And Selections

  • Favourite
  • Home Favourite (Added 8th January, 2016)
  • BTTS Favourite (Added 8th January, 2016)

And as I mentioned above you can Back or Lay these, so as you can see plenty of options available to keep you interested.

Now I hear you say, that is we are progress staking the matches we are having to wait for 110 minutes or more for the game to finish so we can get the result, and then stake the next match according. Yes correct.

Then you say will you may get 4 to 6 games a day if you are unlucky, "Big Deal" you need to be staking high to get a reasonable profit?

Yes, and you would be right, if we were following one match at a time.

However we ARE NOT.

No, we give you the option to follow up to 10 games at the same time, and yes there are times when we do have ten games on the go at once.

Friday 20th November, 2015 To Saturday 28th,

BTTS Strategy,

Preferred Method, as it is a 50/50 outcome.

In the video below you will see how Michael and I managed to make good profits using the software

with Both Teams To Score; Yes strategy.

184 Bets, 102 winners, 55%

Profit £60.04 (120.08 points)

Chasing only .50p a winner

Also you are not waiting the full match (2 hours) to get paid.

The Burnley v Brighton came was only 6 minutes to complete the winning bet.


217 Bets, 116 winners, 53.5%

Profit £70.04 (130.08 points)

bet 186 onwards are now £1.00 target.

Due to more requests to continue my BTTS Trial with 5 Tabs, I started again 2nd December. 2015

Profit for 4 DAYS £50.75, ON £1.00 TARGET.


My Settings for BTTS

To the left are the settings I have on the Bot to test the Both Teams To Score (BTTS).

I am using 5 tabs, and my settings are Yes, for both teams to score.

The Odds must be between 1.80 and 2.50.

My Target is only .50p and my Profit Delta is only .10p (bets 1 to 185)

Now bets are £1.00 target, so please double the settings if you are going to use £1.00 Target

And we are betting 5 minutes before the off.

Please keep in mind that not all games offer the BTTS option.


If you want, I can not see why you could not using laying with this using the NO option. If you want to have some action on the Lay side.

The good thing also with the BTTS option is that there are only two options.

Anyway, let's see how it goes.

You can start with a £200.00 bank on this one.


These are Michael's 7 Days BTTS results.

Michael got up to 152.00 points Profit up to 4th December, and then tipped water on his Laptop.

I am also using Michael's settings below are the results I got using his settings

Thursday to Sunday morning 6th Dec.

These are Michael's settings.

Michael is targeting 1.00 pound target for a winning bet, and has a different odds range.

Also a bigger stop loss than mine.

Remember to make the settings that you are comfortable with.

He is also using 10 tabs.

Profit Delta is .20p, meaning for every losing bet, he is adding 20p to the original target.

So after 5 losing bets, a winner will give him £2.00 profit, which is the £1.00 profit match target and 5x.20p profit deltas.

If you are going to use Michael's settings I would suggest a £500.00 starting bank.


Looking at BTTS but with only at 10 Stop Loss Per Tab

(keep the risk Lower)


Why use a lower Stop Loss?

IMPORTANT to know, that a stop loss of 10 means, you will in most cases lose more than the 10.

Why? Because the software WILL NOT reset the staking UNTIL the figure in this case 10 has been passed.

In the summary below let us show you how the stop loss works.

First in Michael's results, the first stop loss is triggered on 13th Dec, the Utrecht v Ajax game, loss on that game is £15.86.

This game was on Tab 5, so we look at the Tab 5 sequence ending in this losing bet.

The first bet of the sequence (after a winning bet) was:

Bet 1: Loss of .85

12/12/2015 15:09 Platanias v PAS Giannina - 15:15 Both teams to Score? Yes Back -0.85

Bet 2: Loss of 2.51 combined losses .85+2.51 = 3.36 (still under 10, so staking continues)

12/12/2015 17:09 Celta Vigo v Espanyol - 17:15 Both teams to Score? Yes Back -2.51

Bet 3: Loss of 6.04 combined losses .85+2.51+6.04 = 9.40 (still under 10, so staking continues)

12/12/2015 19:24 Sevilla v Sporting Gijon - 19:30 Both teams to Score? Yes Back -6.04

Bet 4: Loss of 15.86 combined losses .85+2.51+6.04+15.86 = 25.26 (over 10, so staking resets and starts again at target)

13/12/2015 11:24 Utrecht v Ajax - 11:30 Both teams to Score? Yes Back -15.86

Bet 5 New series starts at the stop profit figure which is 1.00

13/12/2015 18:54 Anderlecht v Oostende - 19:00 Both teams to Score? Yes Back 1.00

Target achieved reset and starts again.

So you can see, even though we have a stop loss at 10, we lost 25.26, because the 3 losing bet in the series was below 10.

If we look at the next stop loss.

13/12/2015 21:54 Atletico Nacional v Ind Medellin - 22:00 Both teams to Score? Yes Back -8.38

We lost a total on that series of £16.65,

And the stop loss on the next losing series:

15/12/2015 13:54 Eskisehirspor v Boluspor - 14:00 Both teams to Score? Yes Back -6.38

We lost a total on that series of £10.13, we only had 3 bets in that series.

The odds range you use will make a difference to the amount over the stop loss you go.

If you are using low odds say below £2.00, you can have the larger the over run.

The higher the odds, the closer you will be to the Stop Loss Target.



The Live Trial explained (3 minute video)


We are Live trialling 3 different strategies until 31st December

1. Both Teams To Score " Michael using all ten tabs, settings below.

2. Both Teams To Score "Steve using 5 tabs only, settings below

3. Match Odds, Favourite 1.50 to 2.00 Odds

1. Michael's Settings, with stop loss at 10.

From 10-12-2015 To 31-12-2015 UK Time

The Red Blocks indicate a Tab the has reached it's Stop Loss and has re started.


337 Bets, and 22.43 points LOSS

13 Stop Loss Hit


Looking at BTTS but with only a 10 Stop Loss Per Tab (keep the risk Lower.)

2. Steve's Settings, with stop loss at 10.

From 10-12-2015 To 31-12-2015 UK Time

Using 5 Tabs Only

The Red Blocks indicate a Tab the has reached it's Stop Loss and has re started.

271 Bets, and 13.58 points Profit

9 Stop Loss Hit

3. This is backing the Match Odds Market, Favourite

From 10-12-2015 To 31-12-2015 UK Time

where the odds are 1.50 to 2.00, 5 Tabs and 10 Stop Loss.


Match Odds, Back The Favourite, if Odds are between 1.50 and 2.00

Using 5 Tabs. (You can use 10 tabs)

So far this has had a high strike rate.

As with all strategies we are showing, there are many more possiblities, these are ones we have tested.




Match Odds Strategy 33/33/33 outcome

Betting the favourite to win odds between 1.60 and 2.50.


This is only another Strategy you can use, there are plenty more.


Here is Michael's results using only 5 Tabs (not the full ten).

Betting the favourite at odds between 1.60 and 2.50

In Pic 1 below you will see the summary of the 5 tabs used, the blue amount is the profit for each tab.

Best Profit was in Tab 1, this is the tab that always has the most action.

He was betting the Match Odds Market, and the selection was the Favourite, time was 5 minutes before the start of the match, all the setting can be seen below in Pic 2

64 points Profit in 6 days all without him touching the bot.

Pic 1

These are the settings Michael used, and only Backing option was being used, bets were 5 minutes before the match started.

Pic 2,

The strategy above while simple, it works. Below is another day's action.

To the left are the settings I used for the results above.

My Min Odds is a little higher than Michael's, personally I prefer a better odds as it keeps the stakes lower.

In the above results you may have noticed that Sequence 8 is missing, that was a cancelled game (Novara v Pescara).

There was 16 games, 9 winners. Strike Rate was 56%.

Return on Level Staking would have been around 11.00 (with delta added and commission deducted). Showing a LOSS of 5 points.

But with the APS staking, we turned a 8.37 profit, that is a 13.37 difference in our favour.

We used on 6 tabs in the above results, we could have used the lay tab also but we did not.

We offer suggested ways to use this hands free software, however we do encourage that you find strategies that suits your style of investing in soccer.

Auto Profit Soccer, is software that gives you freedom, whilst still having money in the game.

Next day...

Immediately after releasing the software to the public, the screen shot below is continued from the above.

Just over eleven days returning 110.00 points.

NEWS UPDATE on 15th November. 2015


Since release with a target profit of 1.00 only, 165.00 points PROFIT in 18 Days!!


Stephen J Story " £800 plus in 20 days!!


+OK, one more example,







Laying Options:

These are a few we have tested, by no means what else can be done.


Laying the Draw, Odds 2.00 to 3.95

Immediately after releasing the software to the public, the screen shot below is continued from the above.


Just over two days returning 17.42 points.


Lay The Draw.

The setting we used are on the lefthand side.

You will see that in Laying we don't have the delta profit option as it would escalate the ecovery more than we would be happy with.

Laying is not for everyone that we realise, however some people enjoy it.

Coupled with he Laying and backing, with relatively low targets (.50 Lays and 1.00 Backing) we have made 14.67 profit.

Not a high number, however considering we sent no time betting, it was all hands free.

What we have designed is a software that allows you to bet on the main markets, and recover staking over time and with increase profit added.

We believe this is one of the best ways to achieve success in the betting of soccer.

You dont have to run the software 24/7 like we do, you can use it when you want, as the staking is held with the software when you finish and restarts next time you open it.

So for the two days combined, Back the Favourite in Match Odds,

21.16 points (keep in mind my profit target is only 1.00)

And on Lay The Draw Odds between 2.00 and 3.95

17.42 Points, ( chasing only .50 a winner profit target.)

Combined: Point Profit 38.58

Just over two Days


Another Laying Method, Lay the Match Odds Favourite if 2.50 or higher.

From 3-12-2015 to 22-12-2015

-38.44 Points loss

This Trial has now been stopped, as it is no point following it over a cliff.

On the lefthand side is the settings used to get the above results.

We used the ten tab approach, this laying was run on the software that was running a backing strategy also, hence the tab sequence is not as you would expect as backing and laying share the tabs, (staking is separate for both laying and backing).

The 9 days, never struck a stop loss sequence.


Laying Match Odds Home Favourites

1.50 to 1.95 Odds.

From 25th Jan to 28th Feb, 2016 (33 days)

90 Points Profit.


This showing bet by bet on the Lays, you should give strategies time to set a trend, as you could see this one spent the first 120 bets trending water.

Below is the day by day returns.

Day by day produced 16 winning days and 17 losing days.

Main thing is the 90 points Profit.


On the left hand side is the settings we used on the Laying Match Odds Home Fav.

We use low stakes until we see that a strategy has legs.

The stop loss ration here is 100 to 1 and we are using 10 tabs Mexican wave.




These methods are only a few of the many users can adopt.

We know many of you out there prefer to have a definite way to use the software and we will give you that in the user guide, so you have a starting point.

But as you start to see results you may see other opportunities that you can profit even greater.

You don't have to bet all the games that betfair covers, you can filter the games you want either by selecting them individually, or if you want the top divisions, you an increase the Match Odds minimum limit to say 100,000 this will filter out a lot of matches.

The Software Staking Method.

The staking method is set to recover losses and aim to make a set amount of profit once a winner is struck.

Plus we have added an option of adding to that target if a losing bet is encountered, and that option is our "Profit Delta" (PD)you can see in Pic 2 above Michael has used a .25 PD.

This means whenever he had a losing bet .25 was added to the target, you can chose to set this at zero if you wish, however let's look at what a PD of .25 can do for you.

Betting the favourite as shown above, we had a lot of International games in that 6 days, and we were hitting around 50% strike rate on the favourites. That meant 50 of the 100 games were losing ones.

Using the .25 PD, those 50 losing games achieved an extra profit of 12.50, so in the overall return of 64.77, the PD of .25 was an extra 20% in the Profit, so you can see over a year this option will be very valuable to the bottom line.

Each Tab, has it's own staking sequence, that is all controlled the same, so the settings you make will run for all tabs.

What we are saying is the tab will recover losses and add the PD and achieve profit within that tab, independent of the others.

You can elect to turn of tabs and only run a few if you wish, as shown above Michael ran 5 tabs only and covered 100 matches in 6 days backing only.

So just to recap, whatever setting you have on the bot, will be reflected in all the tabs, you can not set each tab to bet and staking differently.

Stop Loss Settings

This is for the staking purposes, you set the limit that you are happy with in example above in Pic2 you can see Michael had a Stop Loss of 40 per tab, (he did not hit this in the 100 games).

What does the stop loss do? It means once the 40 has been passed the tab will abandon the staking recovery, and start again at the Profit Target in Pic 2 that is 1.

Stop Profit Setting

This setting is our target that we want to win when a winning match is made.

Also the Stop at Profit for the tab, if you wish to stop betting once a tab reaches a certain profit you can indeed do that.

What is the Point of the Tabs?

The tabs allow us to follow upto 10 games at once, so increasing the profit and lessening the risk..

It also allows us to move money from winning tabs, to tabs that are losing, (so if we have a tab that may have lost 4 bets in a row, we can transfer money into that tab, lessening exposure.

This is very handy if you are risk averse. It gives control over stakes rising to high.

Below is a view of the tab.


Backing & Laying

You can set the Back Tab and Lay tab to bet different markets, and they be staking according to which tab is available, so you get back and lay bets in the same tabs.

As mentioned above, you have two banks in each tab, however the staking is on the current tab target, regardless of what the last bet was in that tab.

Below you can see an option on laying the favourite at a different odds range than the backing tab.

Yes you may well get the same game bet twice, but they will be assigned different tabs.

You can also have different markets completely, like the lay tab working on the Both Teams To Score market and the backing on the 1.5 under/over market.


Along with the software, come complete instructions on setting up the software, to ensure you hit the ground running.

Also there are strategies we have used in testing that have made us money.

Plus tactics you may be interested in exploring.

But, please be advised that the software has many ways it can be used and it is many of thoses strategies that will suit your style of risk and reward.

So please don't limit yourself to the strategies we have listed, look at them as the building blocks, to build methods that you can make even more profit.

In our testing of the software obviously there are only so many games and days that we have tested the software on, and we know our clients will as always, create there our plans of attack.

Includes the video of Best place to follow Live Scores. It's in China and has every game.


We have not seen any software out in the market place that can do what this one does.


The software it's self is only compatible with Windows based systems.

You do need a Betfair account in order to use it.

It is delivered as a download, so no postage or CD involved.

This software once set up can run for weeks and months without you touching it, it has auto reload to load the days matches.

You can run it on a virtual server as I do, but make sure the virtual server is windows based.

If running it on a desktop or laptop, you need constant access to the power and internet in order for the software to work.

You don't need special computer skills to use this software, it is really a set and forget software.

What are they saying...

Stephen Hits £823 in 20 Days..


Nice going Stephen...

Tutorial Video


This video is an overview on what it does.


YES this suits people in Australia also, as the best option is Pre Game start,

so all you Aussies

No Drama using this software,

(you just can not use the inplay option which we dont recommend any way.)


Goals Profit Independent Review (May 2016)


October 2016, Deluxe Version Released:


Like most software, once released we get feed back on what clients would like added.

So now this deluxe software is the result.

Below is the new Deluxe interface.

Upgrades in the Deluxe Verus Stand APS.

1 10 extra tabs, making 20 all up (can cover upto 120 matches)
2 3 Back and 3 Lay Options
3 Min and Max Odds table for some options
4 Match and League options added
5 3 extra markets added.
  a. Double Chance
  b. Draw No Bet
  c. Halftime-Fulltime





12 month Deluxe Licence

Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 12 months use.

Deluxe Version

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPS also.

Limited Numbers



Grab Now For


Save £40.00


Around 44p a day!!

Bet these all year round.



6 month Deluxe Licence

Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 6 months use.

Deluxe Version

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPS also.

Limited Numbers



Grab Now For


Around 56p a day!!

Bet these all year round.





Thanks for your time, hope you see the merit and Join Us.

Maybe you can afford the software, if that is the case, then please download the FREE

Pdf, that shows you how to use the principles for Auto Profit Soccer manually

Plus we will give you an excel sheet to help you make the bets.

We are happy you made it this far down the page, and have seen merit in the Auto Profit Soccer software.

If grabbing a copy is out of your reach, or you are still undecided, then please take a copy of Football Profits, it shows you step by step what the software does, and YES you can copy it and make some money for yourself.

Why would we do that?

Simple, you will see it works, and you will see that the Software will be of value, as you don't have to do anything.

You get three strategies that software owners are using, plus the staking plan, plus excel sheet to track the wagers.



Standard Version


Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 12 months use.

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPS also.

Standard Version

Limited Numbers



Grab Now For


Save £40.00


Around 37p a day!!

Bet these all year round.



Need Betfair Account to operate this Software.



Please "Gamble Responsibly" 

Gambling is risky, do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose and be sure you understand what you will need to spend in order to get the returns indicated.


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


Steve Davidson © 2015

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Unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, our product is information. It can be used immediately upon viewing, and there is no product to return. Once a service has commenced, there can be no refund. Our services are the absolute best we can make them. Just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results. What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full.

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